Phillips Exeter Academy

Our Home Away from Home Program is an integral component of the Inn and what its owners believe to be one of the keys to the Inn’s success.

Because we are a private family owned Inn, we can tailor services in a way that other establishments are not able to deliver: the simple reason is that we are, above all, a HOME. But more than a home, we know how difficult it is for parents to leave their children and for their children to be left in a place that is unfamiliar. The two Innkeepers come from foreign lands and have lived in different parts of the world and know personally the emotions that are evident when parents leave a child for the first time and the joy of families reuniting for a special occasion.

The objective with our Home Away from Home Program is to reduce the anxiety created by such separations. For our foreign families and students, we speak with many in their native tongues: Portuguese, Spanish, French, a bit of Italian and of Arabic; we immediately convey a sense of welcome and relief. To our families in the United States we bring a sense of stability: a place they know their daughters and sons can come to and be welcomed: for that reason many families have chosen to make us their childrens’ emergency point of contact for the Academy.

Although we recognize the immense resources of the Academy, parents and students alike recognize the value of the personal relationships that we build. It is a call from a parent recognizing the anxiety in a child’s voice who telephones us to deliver that special package or have their child come by with their friends for an afternoon tea. It is that call from a parent letting us know their child is in the infirmary and for us to stop by with chocolates!

The Inn becomes a refuge and our services are commensurate to what that parent or that student needs at the moment. We have listened to the many guests we have hosted and the below list contains some of the services we provide: all based on the required Academy and parental permissions:

  • Host a student for lunch or high tea
  • Baskets delivered with their favorite goodies
  • Car services for airport/train pick up/drop off
  • Stop in at the Inn for tea or hot chocolate or simply for a quiet escape to read and do homework

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you take my child shopping for new clothes? How about having them stop by and going to lunch with them?
  • Can my child stop by the Inn and have a cup of hot chocolate and sit in the living room on a cold snowy day?
  • Can I call the Inn for a special request such as surprising my child with a birthday cake or balloons? Or a box of chocolates? What about special holidays that we may not celebrate in the United States: can you make arrangements so my child feels more connected with his/her homeland?
  • We always feel rushed when we come and visit Exeter. Can we plan a dinner menu and have dinner at the Inn for a special evening and create a unique menu?

The answer to the above questions is YES. Within the constraints of Academy policy, we will accommodate your needs.

Prospective Students

Congratulations on your decision to interview and tour Phillips Exeter Academy! We’d like to provide you with some helpful information about our inn and the surrounding area. For the student, it is important to get plenty of rest and be well fed before the interview. Our accommodations are similar to that of home: a wonderful bed and room, relaxing atmosphere, and hearty breakfast to get you on your way!
Should you have an early appointment at admissions we can accommodate your special breakfast needs. We serve a full sit-down breakfast at 8:30am (9:00am on weekends), however, should you require something earlier, we can make arrangements with notice.
Many families stay two nights with us during the interview process. After the interview, which are normally scheduled no later than 1:00 pm, you can take time to explore Exeter and the Seacoast. This can give the prospective student a chance to see the area. Many guests tell us that this is just as important as the tour of the school itself. We recently spent about three hours with a family from Vietnam showing them our little corner of the world.

Current Students 

We value our relationship with current students and parents and look forward to seeing each and every one of you throughout the year… whether it be a long weekend visit, or during fall semester drop-off, parents’ weekend, college weekend, and graduation. Rest assured, we are here to make your visit as pleasant as possible so you may get the most out of seeing each other.

For parents finding it difficult to get away, staying with us can be a “working vacation” by utilizing our fax service and free wireless Internet. Staying away from home and work has never been easier!

Since taking ownership of the Inn we have met incredible families who have travelled from the four corners of the world to bring their sons and daughters to the Academy. Many of these guests have become friends and some are now “family”. We take pride in knowing that they have chosen the Inn as their Home Away From Home and that the refuge we have provided has made it that much more comfortable on everyone. We think of those homes in Portugal, Mexico, Morocco and France and, we too, remember those who reached out to make us feel “at home.”