Exeter Suite

The Exeter suite is located on the first floor. It is located immediately upon entering the back door of the Inn. It has two rooms and perfect for a family, able to accommodate up to six people. The suite is handicap accessible and it is also the only room that is ‘pet friendly’.

The main room, with its king-size four poster bed, has an imposing walk-in fireplace and intact beehive oven. The fireplace is superimposed by a replica mantle reminiscent of an early 1800s kitchen. The whimsical sofa (turns into a bed) along with a 1792 Chippendale desk, tables and chairs, complete the first room. The second room has two twin beds and gives access to the suite’s bathroom with a bathtub.

With fine antiques, paintings and prints depicting Colonial life, the Suite is the most colonial room in the Inn and a veritable museum.

The Suite is named for our historic Town, founded in 1638 by the Reverend Wheelwright. Exeter is also home to the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy, founded in 1781 and is considered one of the loveliest twenty four towns to visit in New England.