Squamscott Cottage

Squamscott Cottage, located on the third floor of the Inn, provides guests with an oasis of tranquility and simple elegance. With its own kitchenette, this is the perfect place for those requiring long term stays: nurses, relocation, doctors, PEA families, or the world traveler just wanting to stop and stay.  Beautifully refurbished to highlight the original 1809 beams, its simple brick fireplace, and original wooden floors, Squamscott Cottage is surely to please: with five windows overlooking east, south and west, it is bathed with natural light. The fabrics selected for the window treatments as well as bedspread and accent pillows highlight the heritage of cottage’s name: colorful oranges and subdued greens!

Named for the Squamscott Indians, translated as ‘at the salmon place’ or ‘big water place’, this Native American tribe was present in these areas for thousands of years until the English settlers displaced them in the early 17th century.