Head to Hampton Beach State Park + More This summer

Hampton Beach, located on the beautiful Seacoast of New Hampshire, is a fantastic place to enjoy some fun and adventure. Whether you’re walking the gorgeous sandy beaches at Hampton Beach State Park or partaking in the festive atmosphere of the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Hampton Beach during the summer. 

Though the town of Hampton Beach can feel crowded during the peak summer months, Hampton Beach State Park serves as a beautiful haven for nature lovers and offers well-maintained facilities that enhance an oceanside afternoon. Besides the chance to experience one of New Hampshire’s best coastal beaches, you’ll find Hampton Beach is a destination bustling with activities. From watersports and beachcombing to the lively boardwalk lined with arcades, shops, and eateries, there’s never a dull moment in this coastal town.

Though there are plenty of reasons to make the short drive to Hampton Beach from our Exeter hotel, one of this town’s many seasonal highlights is the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival. This event transforms the beach into a culinary spectacle as local chefs transform the ocean’s bounty into delectable dishes. Visitors can indulge in everything from fried clams to lobster rolls while enjoying live music, arts and crafts, vendors, and more. Aside from great seafood, this event is a wonderful celebration of the region’s maritime heritage.

Don’t miss out on the best of the Seacoast this summer. There’s so much to enjoy, and our Exeter, NH hotel is here to serve as your home away from home for all over it. Our historic hotel, located in downtown Exeter, is the perfect place to delve into New England’s rich history and visit landmarks such as the American Independence Museum, all the while having easy access to the best of the Seacoast. Staying for a few days allows you to fully experience the cultural richness of this area, promising a memorable retreat for all. Book your stay at one of the best Exeter, NH, hotels today! 

A view of the beach at Hampton Beach State Park, one of the best things to do in Hampton Beach

An Afternoon at Hampton Beach State Park

Located just outside the charming town of Exeter, Hampton Beach stands as a premier destination along the Seacoast. Celebrated for its expansive sandy shores and the quintessential ambiance of a small coastal town, it’s clear why this spot captivates so many. One of the signature things to do in Hampton Beach, of course, is to spend time on the beach. There’s no better place to do this than Hampton Beach State Park

Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire offers a dynamic escape from the mundane day-to-day. Located on the Atlantic coast, the park is renowned for its expansive sandy beach. Whether fishing, swimming, picnicking, or simply walking the beach and admiring the beautiful coastal scenery, Hampton Beach State Park is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a day by the sea. Hampton Beach State Park also serves as a hub of activities throughout the year, including summer concerts, fireworks, and the famous sand sculpting competition that draws crowds from all over the region.

The park’s Ocean Boulevard has shops and eateries offering everything from beach gear to delicious seafood. It also provides a range of facilities, including bathhouses, volleyball courts, and more. During the summer, you’ll also find spectacular nightly summer concerts at the Seashell Amphitheater at Hampton Beach State Park. In the off-season, from October 1 – April 30, you can enjoy the beaches with your pets and even some horseback riding on the beach. No animals are allowed on the beach between May 1 and September 30. 

More Things to Do in Hampton Beach, NH

While the main attraction in town is the beach, you’ll find plenty more things to see and do while you’re in town. Any visit to the beach is made better by strolling along the town’s vibrant boardwalk, brimming with souvenir shops, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, and arcades. The town of Hampton Beach harks back to a simpler time and is perfect for families and couples seeking a blend of nostalgia and fresh ocean air. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do while visiting Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. 

  1. Beyond the shoreline, Hampton Beach Casino is a must-visit. This is where you’ll find the town’s nostalgic boardwalk, filled with fun shops, eateries, and entertainment options. 
  2. Enjoy touring acts and a diverse range of live music and entertainment at the Casino Ballroom
  3. Hampton Beach is also home to exciting annual events, such as a renowned sand-sculpting contest and the celebrated Seafood Festival. 
  4. Local arcades offer endless entertainment for those looking to relive childhood joys or create new memories with their children. Places like Playland Arcade and Funarama feature a vibrant mix of classic and modern games.
  5. For more leisure activities, Buc’s Lagoon is the go-to spot for mini-golf enthusiasts.
  6. To top off a day of excitement and exploration with a craft beer from Smuttynose Brewing Company, one of New Hampshire’s leading breweries.
Downtown Hampton Beach, where you'll find Hampton Beach State Park, the Seafood Festival, and more great things to do

Don’t Miss the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival has consistently united top-tier New Hampshire eateries for a weekend brimming with exquisite culinary delights and plenty of fun for over three decades. Scheduled for September 6 – 8, 2024, the event promises three days packed with exceptional seafood and vibrant entertainment.

Featuring more than 50 local restaurants, the festival offers an array of fantastic food, from appetizers and main dishes to desserts. In addition to showcasing the freshest seafood around, the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival features 70+ vendors showcasing a variety of goods, including handmade crafts and artisan goods. Celebrated as one of the premier events in the nation, the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival exemplifies the finest of the Seacoast’s offerings.

In addition to great seafood and fantastic shopping, you’ll be treated to various fun entertainment, including live cooking demonstrations, unique vendors, fireworks, and more. Don’t forget the spectacle that is the annual lobster roll eating contest on Sunday.

The festival is also notable for hosting what is acclaimed as the largest bar in New England, covering an expansive 40,000 square feet. It’s the perfect spot to relax, take in the performances, and soak up the festival atmosphere. Tickets for the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival are available for purchase online, and there will be shuttles from area parking areas for ease of access. For those seeking a memorable stay away from the busy crowds of Hampton Beach this summer, there’s no better place to stay on the Seacoast than our exquisite boutique hotel in Exeter, NH. Secure your reservation today!

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