Phillips Exeter Academy

Home Away from Home 

We are a family owned Inn. We can tailor services to your specific needs. What makes us unique is that we are a HOME. We also understand how emotional it is for parents and children alike to be in a ‘foreign’ environment, more so than most because both innkeepers themselves come from different parts of the world. One was raised in Mexico while the other was born in Portugal, studied in France and volunteered as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. Besides English, we speak Portuguese, Spanish, French, a bit of Italian and Arabic.

We want our home to be yours; a place to reduce anxiety created by separation. We want you and your children to feel welcomed at any time. We want to facilitate…be it a minor request such as a birthday cake or more important issues, where parent or child may need a ‘shoulder’ … we are a short walk away.

Prospective Students

Congratulations on your decision to interview and tour Phillips Exeter Academy! Breakfast is normally served at 8:30 during the week. However, we will accommodate earlier requests; just let us know. We encourage you to take time to, not only interview at the Academy, but spend sometime in our quaint New England Town. Many guests tell us that it is just as important as a tour of the school.

Current Students 

We value our relationship with current students and parents and look forward to seeing them throughout the year… whether it be a long weekend visit, or during fall semester drop-off, parents’ weekend, college weekend, and graduation. Rest assured, we are here to make your visit as pleasant as possible so you may get the most out of seeing each other.